Region: Europe

Nuance needed in analysis of new UK Semiconductor Strategy

Saturday Opinion: EIP partner Andrew Thompson weighs in on the potential winners and losers

27 May 2023

UPC’s strict code of conduct prompts technically qualified judges to resign

The court has confirmed three part-time appointees have left but more are said to be considering following suit

26 May 2023

UPC conflict rules place heavy burden on part-time judges

The Unified Patent Court’s code of conduct mitigates conflict-of-interest fears by imposing heavy restrictions

23 May 2023

UPC central division will have branch in Milan, Italian government announces

But there’s no clarity yet on the new section’s competencies

19 May 2023

German court issues first ever AASI in life sciences case

The Munich Regional Court has also granted a permanent injunction against NanoString Technologies

18 May 2023

EPO Patent Index reveals Sweden and Denmark in top three of application tables by population size

Sweden and Denmark continue to hold their own in terms of patent filings against countries with significantly larger populations, indicating that regardless of size, countries – and their innovators – thrive when their governments take an active stance on supporting education and innovation.

17 May 2023

UPC system experiencing severe problems as patentees race to opt out their rights

Everything you need to know about the debacle with the new court’s Case Management System

15 May 2023

Biogen’s European exclusivity boost is silver lining following US Tecfidera disaster

Following a catastrophic loss of exclusivity stateside, the company has received a boost in the EU

12 May 2023

The EU’s new proposal throws up new IP challenges for AI data mining

The European Parliament aims to force AI companies to reveal use of copyrighted material

08 May 2023

InterDigital doubles top line in Q1 as Lenovo FRAND rate ruling recognised

Company recognises more than $100m from UK litigation spat in the first quarter of the year and underlines its ambition to expand into new markets

05 May 2023

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