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Exclusive: Ericsson’s patent assertion chief on Lenovo suits, the UPC and global litigation strategy

Robert Earle speaks about enforcement in Brazil and India, and his hopes for a US shift on SEP injunctions

07 December 2023

Nokia v Oppo and VLSI v Intel – it’s all about the human mind

These major disputes have taken important steps forward over recent weeks and it will be real people, not faceless companies, who decide what happens next. The calls they make could be worth tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars

07 December 2023

Seven key takeaways from the first six months of UPC decisions

The Unified Patent Court has already issued several interesting rulings

04 December 2023

The UPC at six months: the key trends

The new pan-EU court has already shaken up the European patent landscape

01 December 2023

A Closer Look at Patent Registration Strategies

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

While India is emerging as a global player in innovation, it falls behind other major economies in terms of the number of patent filings. To ensure that progress continues, applicants must consider India’s IP market conditions and utilise them for effective registration.

30 November 2023

This is what IP looks like

The smartphone tells a powerful story. It’s one that can be deployed to spread the good news about the value of IP in an engaging, accessible way

30 November 2023

How a patent dispute with 10x helped decimate NanoString’s stock price

Recent $31 million damages award has dealt a further blow to the company's faltering share value

29 November 2023

UK court fast-tracks FRAND determination of Panasonic’s 4G portfolio

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

The High Court of Justice has expedited the FRAND trial in proceedings brought by Panasonic against Xiaomi and Oppo. In this case, the judge directed that the FRAND trial will come first and will occur in just under a year. Despite Panasonic’s objection, the judge deemed that there would be enough time to prepare for the trial.

24 November 2023

Hungary: Changes to EPO Oppositions and National Revocation Actions Amid Amended Patent Act

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Hungary is establishing itself as a favourable choice for patent litigation as Hungarian revocation and counterclaims for invalidity proceedings can be handled by experienced HIPO examiners. After recent legislative changes and the latest case law, swifter patent infringement proceedings are to be expected, which will benefit patentees in the long term.

24 November 2023

Greece: Navigating the Patent Enforcement Landscape

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

The complexities of patent disputes make it imperative that litigants entrust their cases to lawyers specialised in IP protection. In an effort to educate on this topic on a national level, the Hellenic IP Academy has announced that it will provide suitable training and qualifications. Certified individuals will have the right to act on behalf of clients before the Greek Patent Office.

24 November 2023

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