Region: Denmark

Legal privilege for patent attorneys before Danish courts

After more than 10 years of effort from Danish IP and industry associations, patent attorneys may finally be given legal privilege before the Danish courts.

07 March 2018

Generic versus branded: court rules on drug substitution legislation

A recent Maritime and Commercial High Court decision has exposed a potential incompatibility between Danish patent legislation and a medicinal substitution act which was implemented to minimise the costs of medicine for consumers and the government.

09 September 2015

Royal decree changes rules on patenting

In the past, various special rules have applied to patenting in the Faroe Islands. However, the Danish and Faroese authorities have worked together to update the relevant legislation and, following a recent royal decree, the patent rules for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are now uniform.

01 July 2015

Natural resources development offers new patent opportunities

Greenland has a bright future in the mineral resources sector and undoubtedly this will require new and innovative solutions that can form the basis for patents. In order to obtain a patent in Greenland, a company must apply for a patent in Denmark at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

25 February 2015

Scope of protection for Hermès' Birkin bag trademarks

Herm&#232s has failed in two claims for alleged infringement of several registered trademarks depicting its renowned Birkin bag. The court found that the Birkin bag was protected by copyright, but that the importers’ bags were not sufficiently similar for them to constitute copyright infringement.

30 September 2009

Burberry defeats Zebra in Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court has issued its final ruling in a dispute between UK company Burberry and Zebra A/S, which operates a number of TIGER stores in Scandinavia. The court held that although Zebra's wallets had a pattern closely resembling Burberry's well-known check pattern, it was unlikely that Burberry's sales had been affected as the two products had different end users.

01 July 2009

A CORONA copy?

The Maritime and Commercial Court has held that a Danish company that sold online copies of a designer chair produced in China infringed copyright in the chair. However, it remains legal for a Danish individual to import a copy of the same chair if it is produced and purchased in a country where no copyright exists in the original chair.

20 May 2009

SPC harmonisation in Denmark

The Danish guidelines on the examination of supplementary protection certificate applications explicitly state that patents for pharmaceutical compositions cannot be designated as basic patents. This has long been the position of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, but it has now changed its position.

15 April 2009

Extended protection for medicinal products

The EU Medicinal Products for Paediatric Use Regulation made it possible to obtain a further extension of six months in order to study the use of a medicinal product among children. The first application for extension of a supplementary protection certificate pursuant to the regulation has now been filed in Denmark.

04 February 2009

IP rights strategy in practice: Arla Foods

For many years Arla Foods has dealt with IP rights, in particular trademarks, and the company is aware of how important trademarks are to its success. In this article Jakob Balling, Arla's IP specialist, discusses the company’s recently adopted five-year company strategy, in which brands and trademarks play a prominent role.

03 December 2008

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