Region: Denmark

Michael Friis Sørensen

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2022

"I have experienced a change in client demands, specifically requiring more individualised services. Our clients’ knowledge of patent law has generally increased over the past two decades, and today more of our clients have an in house patent professional."

22 November 2021

Katja Sørensen

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2022

"In my practice, freedom-to-operate analyses, monitoring competitor rights and hence guiding companies in how to navigate through competitors’ patent rights have become everyday work."

22 November 2021

Kim Wagner

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2022

"In my experience, it often makes sense to use analogies, in particular an analogy to something well known from our everyday life. By way of example, coagulation of proteins is very complex and difficult to explain in detail, but it helps to liken it to what happens when you boil an egg."

22 November 2021

Taiwan Semiconductor spins patents to gene sequencing leader

Transfer of microfluidics tech comes as San Diego-based Illumina faces a fierce IP fight with an upstart Chinese rival

11 June 2019

US biotech aims to curb China’s genomics leader with pair of European lawsuits

Shenzhen BGI was once the biggest purchaser of Illumina’s gene sequencing machines. Now the two are on opposite sides of an expanding patent battle

28 May 2019

Denmark Trademark Prosecution Firm of the Year and Norway Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year: Zacco

24 April 2019

Denmark Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year: COPA Copenhagen Patents

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2019

24 April 2019

Denmark makes SØIK IP rights taskforce permanent

All filings for criminal investigations regarding IP crime in Denmark have on a trial basis been referred to a special IP rights taskforce at the Office of the Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime (SØIK). This trial arrangement has now been made permanent.

10 October 2018

On your bike: Maritime and Commercial High Court protects CHRISTIANIA BIKES mark

The Maritime and Commercial High Court has rejected claims that the CHRISTIANIA BIKES mark has become a generic term for all types of cargo bike.

03 October 2018

Amendment passed providing legal privilege to patent attorneys before Danish courts

The proposition to amend the Administration of Justice Act was recently passed in Parliament. The amendment was passed unanimously and provides European patent attorneys with a legal privilege similar to that of lawyers.

30 May 2018

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