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Converting a Community trademark

A Community trademark is a trademark which has been registered with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market in order to enjoy protection across the whole of the European Union. However, in some situations it may be beneficial for the mark owner to apply to convert its Community trademark into a national trademark.

18 March 2015

Halloumi versus hellim: more than just a trademark battle?

The European Court of Justice recently dismissed a challenge to the registration of the mark HELLIM for cheese, approving it for registration. The registration was challenged by the owner of the collective Community trademark HALLOUMI based on the likelihood of confusion.

25 September 2013

New IP tax regime takes effect

Amendments to the Income Tax Law have turned Cyprus into one of the best jurisdictions for royalty and holding structures. The new regime provides attractive opportunities for structuring the exploitation of IP assets through Cyprus, in particular through the use of Cyprus-resident IP owners.

19 December 2012

The Cypriot patent system: Q&A

In 1997 Cyprus entered the European Patent Organisation and became a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Therefore, the most effective way for a European patent holder to enforce its rights in Cyprus is to file a court application for a freezing order until its case is heard by the courts.

26 May 2010

Registrar finally approves registration of AIRKRAFT

Following a provisional refusal and two hearings, the trademark registrar has finally approved registration of the trademark AIRKRAFT in Class 12 of the Nice Classification. The provisional refusal had been based on an <i>ex officio</i> examination and on absolute grounds for refusal.

24 February 2010

MISS COOL accepted for registration

The trademarks registrar has accepted an application to register the trademark MISS COOL in Cyprus. The registrar had previously filed a provisional refusal against the trademark application, but revoked this refusal following a hearing.

10 February 2010

Examining the Cypriot trademark system

In Cyprus, the legal framework for trademarks is governed by both national legislation and international treaties, such as the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Any natural person or legal entity is entitled to apply for and own a mark, provided that it uses or intends to use the mark.

03 February 2010

Co-ownership of a Cypriot patent

In enacting the Patent Law the Cypriot legislative authorities missed an opportunity to enact comprehensive legal rules regulating the rights and obligations of each co-owner of a patent towards each other and towards third parties. As a result, uncertainty surrounds the issue of the co-ownership of patents.

29 October 2008

Registering marks in Cyprus: a guide for foreign rights holders

Cyprus can serve as a useful point of entry into the EU market for foreign rights holders. However, before launching on the market, rights holders would do well to ensure that their trademarks are properly registered, and in doing so should bear in mind some of the peculiarities of registering trademarks in Cyprus.

30 April 2008

The politics of intellectual property in Cyprus: an introduction

Before trying to understand IP law in Cyprus, it is important that foreign practitioners have some appreciation of the political elements that shape the operation of all laws in Cyprus. These have had a particular effect on IP protection and enforcement in the north of the island, which has been occupied by Turkey since 1974.

05 March 2008

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