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New bad-faith invalidation clause to strengthen Trademark Law against malicious registration

While the inclusion of bad faith as a separate condition for refusal in the examination, opposition and invalidation procedures is a major step toward strengthening China’s Trademark Law, critical areas of the 2023 draft amendment could be improved before it enters into force.

07 June 2023

TCL and IP Bridge ink licensing deal bringing global patent litigation to an end

The deal, facilitated by Xiaomi former IP strategist Paul Lin, grants the Chinese television manufacturer use of patents owned in cellular, wireless communication and HEVC technology

05 June 2023

Use requirements in the context of the fifth amendment to the Trademark Law

In China, the exclusive right to use a trademark is based on registration, not use. However, the obligation to use a trademark once it is registered has been strengthened by successive amendments to the Trademark Law.

31 May 2023

Huawei leads the pack in patent filings in China

But the company's volume appears to be trending downwards, data compiled by IP Pilot shows

26 May 2023

Qualcomm licensing woes deepened by ongoing handset headwinds

The company’s per-device licensing approach has rendered it especially vulnerable to severe drop offs in smartphone sales

04 May 2023

Chinese court data shows strong patent suit numbers against backdrop of IP case volume decline

A higher proportion of disputes before the top court involved emerging industries, including SEPs, drug patent linkage and new generation information technology

01 May 2023

Chinese IP theft is a problem, but is not to blame for US tech woes

Until policy makers in Washington DC fully recognise the extent of the self-harm that has been done to American interests, serious recovery is a forlorn hope

27 April 2023

IP court annual report breaks down valuable statistics on appeals cases

China’s Supreme Court’s IP branch has released its 2022 annual report, providing statistics on caseload and closure. These numbers highlight the longer wait times for appeals, as well as varying chances of success.

26 April 2023

Five key takeaways from Senator Chris Coons’ first IP subcommittee hearing

His political savvy was on display as he leveraged a hot-button bipartisan issue – US competition with China – to highlight needed repairs to the US system

19 April 2023

What applicants need to know about Article 4 of the Trademark Law

In recent practice, the CNIPA has refused the registration of many trademarks, citing Article 4 in its reasoning. It is therefore crucial that applicants prove their intention to use the marks.

19 April 2023

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