Region: China

Ericsson and Huawei show how cooperation drives the connectivity patent world

The cross-licensing deal announced by the two companies last week came just days after a piece in the Financial Times which painted the picture of a complex system “defined by vicious litigation”

31 August 2023

Supreme People’s Court’s new guiding opinion has critical implications for trademark owners

The Supreme People’s Court has agreed to hear more retrial cases, which is good news for trademark owners. Until now, the vast majority of litigation in this area was initiated at the basic level; the Supreme People’s Court was out of reach for most infringement cases.

30 August 2023

Patent linkage in China: what the first decisions reveal about the direction of travel

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

The first decisions issued since China’s patent-linkage system’s implementation indicate that patentees should take full advantage; litigation is faster and patentees are relieved of key burdens. However, preparation is critical and making the right choice between the civil action and administrative adjudication routes is imperative.

25 August 2023

How to Build an Effective Assertion-Based SEP Licensing Programme in China

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

As the licensing ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, assertion can be a pragmatic tool in the negotiation practice and a well-planned strategy is crucial.  When approaching SEP dispute resolution in China, there are several popular courts worth considering.

25 August 2023

Value of Damages Awards Rockets Since Fourth Amendment to China’s Patent Law

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

Since punitive damages were officially introduced into China’s patent infringement system, the amount of the awards being granted has dramatically increased. Although the value is not as high as those in the United States, this changing attitude is sparking optimism among attorneys for a bright future of stronger IP protection.

25 August 2023

BREAKING: Ericsson and Huawei strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement proves there is no need for third-party weigh-in on SEP negotiations, says Huawei’s Emil Zhang

25 August 2023

Patent infringement enforcement against IPO applicants in China intensifies

Recent pair of lawsuits in lithium battery industry evince a pattern of companies using a ‘patent blocking’ strategy

18 August 2023

The winners and losers of RIS implementation: an IP management perspective

RIS poses a financial threat to equipment vendors whose technology will become obsolete – these firms should thus assess the strength of their intellectual property as an urgent priority to position themselves for the market ramp-up. On the other hand, RIS stands to benefit many, including telecom service providers, consumers, vendors with enabling technology and SEP owners.

16 August 2023

China surpasses the US in carbon capture patent race

But innovators may need to look beyond such technology to win the wider fight against climate change

16 August 2023

IAM insight panel analysis H1 2023

Featured in Community Insight

Europe has stronger patent rights than any other region or country, according to the latest IAM’s latest Panel Report

11 August 2023

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