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Exclusive - RPX is not involved in the bidding for BlackBerry's patents

With initial bids due next week, the firm's CEO Dan McCurdy confirms to IAM that at this point it has no involvement in the process

11 December 2020

Canada launches C$30 million project to boost IP in clean tech sector

The Innovation Asset Collective is designed to raise awareness, provide capital and help SMEs secure freedom to operate

09 December 2020

Another Yahoo! or the new Nortel? The challenges of valuing BlackBerry's patents

As interested parties start to make their plays, there's still plenty of uncertainty around how much the Canadian tech giant's portfolio of assets might go for

04 December 2020

In  Blackberry patent sale, Canada sees loss of prestige not value creation opportunity

Possible deal comes during a period of concern in the country over loss of tech crown jewels, engineering talent and the bleeding of IP assets

20 November 2020

Smart glasses acquisition nets Google a potential treasure trove of IP

USPTO assignment records show that purchase of Canadian start-up North landed the search giant a deep patent portfolio at a time of growing interest in augmented reality tech

18 November 2020

Exclusive: Blackberry eyes possible patent portfolio sale

Although it has grown licensing revenues to more than $300 million a deal for the company’s 38,000 assets is on the table

11 November 2020

There has never been a better time to sell or buy drug royalties, says industry veteran

IAM speaks to leading deal-maker David MacNaughtan about his new fund and the growth of this form of life sciences IP monetisation

10 November 2020

Conversant's RPX deal ends patent disputes with device manufacturers including Apple and Huawei

CEO Teksler signals NPE will now return to its roots, with focus on semiconductor market

02 November 2020

How TSMC keeps on top of the transactions market

Chief IP Counsel Billie Chen explains how the fab giant taps into the patent market through both an alliance with WiLAN and its own initiatives

15 October 2020

New deals with Intel, Konica and IBM push WiLAN revenues higher

NPE’s owner signals Q3 income to grow significantly year-on-year as focus on semiconductor sector continues to pay off

09 October 2020

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