Region: Canada

After PTAB upholds key patent, covid-19 vaccine fight heads to court

Moderna set to face infringement battle over its mRNA-1273, a hot prospect in the fight against coronavirus

04 August 2020

As IP moves up Canada’s national agenda, other countries should follow suit

Trio of initiatives shows the country means business and the risk of a global economic downturn means similar moves may also become an important part of recovery plans elsewhere

25 July 2020

The signs are that Canada is upping its IP game

Bank announces launch of multi-million-dollar financing package for IP-rich businesses while Ontario government unveils new action plan

21 July 2020

Revealed – the US law firms that send the most prosecution work abroad and who they send it to

An in-depth look at who America’s patent lawyers work with in Canada, China, Germany, Japan and the UK

17 July 2020

TSMC taking advantage of its uniquely structured deal with WiLAN

The recent transfer of a Korean chip patent portfolio hints that the Taiwanese foundry is finding value in a 2018 deal entered on an annual subscription basis

10 June 2020

IBM semiconductor patents we acquired have years left to run, says WiLAN CEO

The Canadian NPE's deal with Big Blue involved over 1,000 assets and was finalised in March

28 May 2020

India’s growing docket of high-tech litigation on hold

Nokia, Philips and Fractus are among the patent owners with active cases targeting major Chinese companies

26 May 2020

WiLAN makes huge IBM chip patent acquisition

Deal comes after Acacia’s blockbuster Yahoo! transaction and shows big ticket NPEs see secondary market opportunities in current climate

15 May 2020

Patenting personalised medicine in Canada: navigating choppy waters

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2020

This chapter will guide the reader through the types of diagnostic method that are likely to be considered patentable under the current regime and which may potentially encounter patentability issues in Canada.

06 May 2020

AI has never been more important in the life sciences

Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has produced an explosion in life sciences partnerships, while raising new IP questions

23 April 2020

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