Region: Canada

Specialist Chapter: Trends and Strategies in Global Pharma and Biotech Patent Litigation

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

International patent protection is now part-and-parcel for any significant drug or therapeutic, and, as a result, disputes over patent ownership and infringement now regularly implicate a myriad of related laws across international venues. In recent years, there has been a trend towards more complex and high-stakes global patent disputes in the pharmaceutical industry, including parallel litigation across multiple jurisdictions.

29 January 2024

Canada: SEPs and FRAND – litigation, policy and latest developments

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2023/2024

A key strategic consideration for SEP litigation in Canada is to understand how the key principles of the Canadian framework can be adapted or evolve to address the particular challenges posed by SEPs. SEP holders who choose to litigate in Canada will have a unique opportunity to shape precedent setting case law.

08 December 2023

Right-to-repair bills push chief IP offers to adjust patent strategies in Canada

IP-owning companies need to re-evaluate their patent strategies in the wake of Quebec’s right-to-repair bill and a Canada-wide bill on technical protection measures

06 December 2023

Introducing the LES build-up method to determine royalty rates

Many patent licensing and litigation questions can be answered using this approach, developed by Licensing Executives Society USA and Canada

13 September 2023

JS Held expands Ocean Tomo IP practice with new acquisition

The global scientific and engineering consultancy has bought TechPats, a patent-focused technical expert firm, at a time when an uncertain economy and declining number of M&As has led some companies to issue layoff notices to IP staff

07 September 2023

BlackBerry sued for refusal to pay its own IP advisors in 32,000-patent sale

Tech+IP Advisory alleges it spent ‘thousands of hours’ from May 2020 to March 2023 on selling the huge portfolio yet $1.3 million invoice unpaid

29 August 2023

Samsung, LG, Bose among targets of new US patent assertions by familiar figure

OnePlus and Pioneer were also sued by the Canadian IP monetiser behind 2022’s most prolific NPE, now asserting a new portfolio under a new name

26 July 2023

BlackBerry realises revenue from patent sale, but arbitration looms

“We will fight vigorously, and I do not think you need to worry about it,” CEO John Chen said about Catapult IP Innovation’s arbitration

29 June 2023

Unpicking the sale of Canadian patent licensing business WiLAN

The acquisition has given the company more financial clout and additional expertise for business as usual, says CEO Andrew Parolin in an exclusive interview

28 June 2023

Challenges and opportunities of utilising trade secrets to protect AI-generated innovations

Chief IP officers need a full understanding of deriving business value from trade secret protection on AI-generated inventions – and the pitfalls of AI’s use

16 June 2023

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