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Brazil: Patent litigation

Featured in Global Patent Litigation 2023

Brazilian judges have been increasing their IP-rights knowledge, especially regarding patents, because of the high number of disputes that have been brought by patentees. Additionally, there are courts specialised in IP matters, such as the state courts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where most litigation is filed.

26 October 2022

How Brazil is becoming a more favourable jurisdiction for life sciences patentees

Contrary to appearances, Latin America’s largest economy is developing a more favourable environment for pharma and biotech innovators.

12 August 2022

INPI updates examination rules in order to drive down the patent backlog

A fresh ordinance extends INPI’s 2019 plan to reduce the backlog of pending applications by recognising search or examination results where these are available from foreign patent offices for corresponding applications in the same family.

18 May 2022

Brazil beats patent backlog with help of international searches and AI

The INPI harnessed examination work done abroad as well as cutting-edge technology to reduce pileup of applications by 80%

21 April 2022

INPI issues update on protection terms for patents covering pharma and non-pharma claimed matter

Patents covering pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical related matter will be subject to two distinct terms of protection, according to the latest publication from INPI. Applicants should check whether any pending cases are affected by this change.

13 April 2022

Brazil and France sign PPH and IP cooperation agreements

Keen to build on the success of its PPH programmes, Brazil has signed a memorandum of understanding with France that aims to facilitate technical cooperation in intellectual property.

06 April 2022

New law introduces changes to the remittance of royalties abroad

Recent developments in tax legislation will improve the process of remitting royalties arising from IP contracts. These include facilitating a smoother registration process and discarding existing limitations to royalty payments abroad

16 February 2022

Phase III of the PPH programme comes into effect

Brazil has consolidated its effective Patent Prosecution Highway strategy by extending the number of applications that can be submitted to the National Institute of Industrial Property.

19 January 2022

Brazil starts 2022 with a fresh national IP strategy

The long-awaited 10-year strategy, which is designed to improve the IP system in Brazil with the civil and governmental support, has finally come into force.

12 January 2022

The biggest biopharma patent stories of the year

From President Biden’s backing for a covid IP waiver through a new linkage system in China to big changes in Brazil, it was an action-packed 2021 for the life sciences industries

21 December 2021

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