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Extrajudicial admissions: can everything you say be used against you?

In Belgium, no specific provisions exist regarding the admissibility of extrajudicial admissions in court proceedings relating to patents. However, case law shows that the courts will take extrajudicial admissions into account and that it can be difficult for parties to take back such statements.

13 April 2022

How to avoid language barriers when filing patent applications in Belgium

Belgium has a complex institutional system in which the use of official languages is sometimes at the heart of public debate. While the Laws on the Use of Languages in Administrative Matters still play an important role in the lives of Belgians, what are the legal consequences of these laws for Belgian patent applications?

06 April 2022

Measures to enforce Belgian patent rights in court

Civil proceedings can be a formidable option for patent owners to uphold their rights. A range of options, all of which have the goal of matching the damages and the compensation for a rights holder with an infringed patent, means that there is plenty to consider when developing an IP strategy for Belgium.

30 March 2022

Belgian materials giant doubles down on IP enforcement in Asia

Umicore has brought a complaint at South Korea’s ITC equivalent and filed a fresh suit in China seeking $39 million from a local competitor

20 September 2021

Benelux Trademark Attorney Firm of the Year: Arnold & Siedsma

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2020

30 March 2020

Gilead’s unique $5.1 billion licensing deal shows the range of IP monetisation options open to biotech sector

New boss explains that the Big Pharma company will seek out “diverse and creative” asset partnerships – rather than large acquisitions – to boost its pipeline

16 July 2019

AB InBev IP exec explains how he is helping to shift attitudes one six-pack at a time

With the giant brewer facing off against Heineken in court, Michael Swita sets out how innovation and patents are becoming a far bigger consideration in the industry

30 May 2019

Benelux Trademark Attorney Firm of the Year: Chiever

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2019

23 April 2019

Daimler's Nokia complaint may throw light on how EU SEP communication is working

German car giant brings complaint against Finnish company in effort to get clarification around licensing of mobile standard essential patents in the auto sector

04 April 2019


Q: What options are open to a patent owner seeking to enforce its rights in your jurisdiction?A patent holder seeking to enforce its rights in Belgium can initiate proceedings on the merits, injunction proceedings, summary proceedings or…

11 April 2016

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