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Reporting serious allegations made against the WIPO director general was not fake news, it was essential

The agency's outgoing head Francis Gurry has hit out at media coverage of complaints made against him by his deputy, but the real problem was a total lack of transparency in how the affair was handled

11 July 2020

Navigating the therapeutics market in Australia: the role of intellectual property

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2020

Australia is a sophisticated market for therapeutics and a favourable country in which to patent. Despite many changes in law and practice in recent years, patenting is relatively low in cost and quick to grant.

06 May 2020

Australia Patent Attorney Firm of the Year: FB Rice

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2020

30 March 2020

Australian applicants plead for clarity on software patents

At IPBC Australasia in Melbourne, patent owners say more guidance from the patent office would be welcome after courts declined to clarify eligibility rules in a recent decision

21 November 2019

Four key IP implications from the rise of orphan drugs

The growing importance of rare disease treatments has strategic, commercial and potential political ramifications for life sciences IP

29 October 2019

Australian patent reforms survive last-ditch Senate opposition

A bid to retain the innovation patent system was defeated, but legislators agreed to a six-month extension of its phaseout and instructed the government to study SME patent issues

17 October 2019

Territory, not technology, is Alibaba’s biggest challenge

The Jack Ma era has come to an end at the Chinese giant, leaving his successor to leverage the company’s data and services to establish a strong presence in the APAC region

20 September 2019

Australia’s harsh approach to software patents set to continue

Observers had hoped Friday’s decision in the Encompass case would clarify key patentability questions. But a Full Bench of the Federal Court of Australia did not take the opportunity to do so

17 September 2019

Looming Australian IP reforms are a concern for life sciences innovators

Worries about patent eligible subject matter, compulsory licensing and the abolition of innovation patents have been expressed as the country moves closer to re-jigging the system

09 September 2019

A profession transformed

How Australian IP firms have re-vamped their business models in the face of economic conditions and regulatory reforms, and what this means for practitioners and clients

30 August 2019

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