Region: Australia

Australian patent extension pitfalls highlighted by recent decision

Ono Pharmaceutical is the latest in a series of rulings that show the need for caution when seeking all-important extension rights in the country

01 June 2021

Australian government unveils patent box tax regime as part of upcoming budget

New scheme is aimed at encouraging biotech innovation, and follows years of industry warnings about offshoring of intellectual property

12 May 2021

Australian patent applications tumble with both locals and foreign filers cutting back

Chinese and Indian entities, however, scramble to obtain innovation patents before the second-tier system meets its end in June

06 May 2021

The Asia IP Elite – a shared commitment to excellence across very different markets

IAM reveals the top in-house IP teams from India, Southeast Asia and Australasia

14 December 2020

Australian vaccine patent ruling shows tough new support requirements for life sciences innovators

Wyeth’s dispute with MSD underscores move towards stricter, UK-style disclosure obligations for IP rights

08 December 2020

RCEP is a leap for China but a small step for IP

World’s largest trade pact is not a show-stopper when it comes to IP, but it will bring changes to ASEAN and clouds US ability to set regional agenda

21 November 2020

Patent exhaustion finally comes to Australia

Doctrine is recognised for the first time as High Court overturns 112-year-old precedent

13 November 2020

Australian Federal Court weighs in for the first time on new claim support provision

Latest decision underscores the significance of changes to the country’s Patents Act

12 November 2020

Patents in Asia 2020: Australia

04 November 2020

The doctrine of patent exhaustion may soon be coming to Australia

High Court of Australia could overturn a 112-year-old precedent in a much-awaited ruling that will have broad commercial implications

16 September 2020

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