Region: Australia

The DABUS decision makes Australia look like a champion of innovation, not a chump

Saturday Opinion: Federal Court's AI inventorship decision should serve as a clarion call for Australia to lead on innovation issues

11 September 2021

Private practice leadership roundtable

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q3: IP leadership - what it is and why it matters

09 September 2021

Australian patent office appeals world-first decision allowing AI inventorship

IP Australia will continue its efforts to deny an application on the grounds that it lists DABUS, a computer program, as its inventor

30 August 2021

How the covid-19 pandemic has transformed the IP legal landscape

The Long Read: Top private practice partners based in Australia reflect on what it has taken to captain their firms through the events of the last 18 months and look at the ways in which the significant upheavals have affected the IP services industry

18 August 2021

Australian court decision to recognise non-humans as inventors is brave, verging on foolhardy

Ruling follows grant of patent to AI-generated invention in South Africa and raises a host of legal, policy and economic questions

02 August 2021

Australian pharma patentees must remain vigilant on third-party damages

Recent decisions have calmed concerns about a surge of lawsuits against patentees by third parties, but a significant risk remains

22 July 2021

Government review puts specialist IP courts back on the Australian agenda

Report on under-use of the patent system by SMEs concludes a forum for faster and cheaper dispute resolution is needed

03 June 2021

Australian patent extension pitfalls highlighted by recent decision

Ono Pharmaceutical is the latest in a series of rulings that show the need for caution when seeking all-important extension rights in the country

01 June 2021

Australian government unveils patent box tax regime as part of upcoming budget

New scheme is aimed at encouraging biotech innovation, and follows years of industry warnings about offshoring of intellectual property

12 May 2021

Australian patent applications tumble with both locals and foreign filers cutting back

Chinese and Indian entities, however, scramble to obtain innovation patents before the second-tier system meets its end in June

06 May 2021

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