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Patenting Nanotechnology In Australia

The unique behaviour of materials at the nanoscale offers countless opportunities. Where opportunities with potential industrial applications arise in the emerging field of nanotechnology, intellectual property considerations must be addressed at the outset. Relevant considerations include both the options for protecting inventions, and the risk of infringing the rights of others at the point of commercialisation.

01 September 2006

Significant Changes to the Patents Act 1990

In the last week of March, the Australian Federal Government introduced into parliament the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2006. While the bill addresses a number of the intellectual property laws of the country, the most significant of these are to the Patents Act 1990.

01 June 2006

Don’t let your Mark get Booted off the Register

Further to our article “Trade mark rights lost through incorrect use” (October to December 2004 Journal*), a recent Australian case has again reiterated that unless a trade mark is used in its registered form, it may be vulnerable to removal from the Register for non-use.

01 March 2006

Marking Your Goods - Trade Marks

One of a company’s most valuable assets may be its trade marks. They provide a means of access to the marketplace and are the instrument by which customers and competitors identify goods and services.

01 March 2006

Patent Marking

Most of us are accustomed to seeing patent numbers and terms such as “patented” or “patent pending” on many products or packaging. This practice is often referred to as “patent marking”. However, the importance of correctly utilising patent marking is sometimes not so well understood.

01 March 2006

Viagra® Patent Appeal Case Clarifies Best Method Disclosure Requirements in Australia

The full Federal Court in Pfizer Overseas Pharmaceuticals v Eli Lilly and Company [2005] FCA 67 (while confirming that the relevant claim was invalid) rejected Eli Lilly’s contention that a failure to include the best method known to the applicant of performing the invention in a patent application, at the date of filing cannot be overcome by later amendment.

01 March 2006

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