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Featured in Special Report 2022 Q2: The Asia IP Elite

30 May 2022

Australian appeals court shuts door on AI inventorship, reversing outlier ruling

In a setback for Dr Stephen Thaler and team behind the DABUS effort, the most significant win of their global campaign thus far was overturned today

13 April 2022

Australian pharma patentees now face an uphill battle to obtain interlocutory injunctions

The tide has turned against rights holders in recent years, write Gavin Adkins and Jacqueline Simpkin of Griffith Hack – though an accompanying trend of expedited trials offers some consolation

21 March 2022

Australian applicants may finally get clarity on software patents

For the first time, country’s top court will hear a case related to patent eligibility for computer-implemented inventions, an area IP owners say is rife with uncertainty

10 March 2022

Medical device maker is latest to tap secondary market for wireless patents

A recent deal shows that a wider selection of corporates are exploring acquisition opportunities and working with custom R&D labs

08 March 2022

Landmark Dutch appeal court decision reduces risk of third-party damages against pharma patentees

The appellate ruling overturns a recent lower court judgment which exposed life sciences IP plaintiffs to significant additional dangers from health insurer lawsuits

06 January 2022

The biggest Asia-Pacific IP stories of 2021

Beyond China, there was a lot going on in a market that is home to some of the world’s most important patent-producing businesses

21 December 2021

Australia under-invests in IP, and recent government proposals will not fix that

Saturday Opinion: In-house leaders say a mooted patent box regime limited to life sciences will reward companies that get patents already, failing to encourage IP investment in new industries

04 December 2021

Courts split on AI inventorship and patenting

The Long Read: Those hoping for clarity on whether AI programmes can be regarded as inventors for patent purposes will be disappointed by the different ways in which courts around the world have handled the issue so far. Helen Macpherson, Tanvi Shah and Avi Toltzis of Baker & McKenzie look at recent developments

20 October 2021

How expedition is changing Australian pharma patent disputes

A growing trend in life sciences litigation Down Under has strategic implications for originators and generics/biosimilars alike

28 September 2021

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