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How to register AI patents in Asia-Pacific and Europe: the dos and don’ts

Legislation on AI and computer-implemented inventions varies widely from country to country. When it comes to prosecution, experts in Australia, China, South Korea and Europe offer some innovative pathways to patenting wins

04 March 2024

How courts around the world are tackling AI, SEPs and software eligibility

Litigation from Australia, India, Colombia and Europe illustrates the pivotal role played by the courts, especially in the most volatile areas of patent law

19 February 2024

Embracing the digital transition: CSIRO’s impact-driven patent portfolio

Data and software is where the future lies, IP head tells IAM

18 December 2023

Inside the IP strategy of Australian diagnostics start-up Nutromics

IP head Rosie Stramandinoli discusses why the diagnostics start-up will be a ‘force to reckon with’

12 December 2023

Australia: Computer-related Inventions, Patent Term Extensions and Stricter Examination Trends

Featured in The Patent Prosecution Review 2024

While it was hoped that the highly anticipated Aristocrat Technologies dispute will clarify the requirements for patenting computer-related inventions, the High Court of Australia handed down an evenly split decision that leaves the door open to further discussion.

08 December 2023

Rob McInnes

Featured in Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024

30 November 2023

Amplifying the voices of women working in intellectual property

"Women across patents, copyright and trademarks spoke about how they were presumed not to understand technology, or they were left out of the conversation as soon as the subject matter became about technology," says Jessica Lai, associate professor at the Victoria University of Wellington

06 October 2023

Surging litigation numbers and public distrust plague life sciences landscape

From trade secrets to overregulation, there are many core threats to the global life sciences arena. But expert advice outlines strategic ways to neutralise them

05 September 2023

‘IP is a long game’ – an interview with Breville’s head of corporate development

Jarred Twigg, who stepped down as head of IP last July, talks to IAM about the sometimes ‘uncomfortable truth’ of intellectual property and ‘winning the moments’

05 September 2023

Australia: patent-term extension developments and challenges

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

PTEs in the pharmaceutical space are a key way for innovators to recoup R&D costs – however, they are often challenged by generics manufacturers. An uptick of such cases in Australia could prompt a reassessment of how courts handle such issues, which would have a significant knock-on effect on the country’s life sciences landscape.

25 August 2023

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