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AI-powered patent analytics tools are transforming IP professionals' work

“Those who do not utilise new technology in an appropriate manner will be left behind,” says AI-believer Jennifer Burdman, chief IP officer of Valo Health

19 July 2023

Indian Patent Office’s pre-grant opposition rejection proves promising for patent jurisprudence

In granting a patent for high-tenacity cellulosic regenerated fibre, the Indian Patent Office maintained that the plaintiff failed to provide sufficient evidence of prior publication and that the invention involved an inventive step. This well-reasoned judgment highlights a trend of improvements in India’s patent jurisprudence.

19 July 2023

Companies must be careful when labelling products with patent numbers following FTC fine

Certificate numbers must be marked on patented products, according to the IP Office and Taiwan’s Patent Act. However, the Fair Trade Commission’s steep fine imposed on a company for using an invalidated patent number highlights the dire consequences of misleading consumers.

19 July 2023

Is Tesla driving towards patent monetisation by suing charging tech rival for refusing to take a licence?

The first-ever US assertion by Tesla may portend a sea change in how CEO Elon Musk feels about patents

18 July 2023

Huawei and Xiaomi head to CNIPA hearing over rare licensing dispute

Huawei set to face validity challenges over four mobile technology patents in second major infringement case heard by the administrative body

18 July 2023

Delhi court settles patent licensing v antitrust enforcement “turf war” in Ericsson dispute

The country’s patent act “prevails” over competition law when addressing issues around the exercise of IP rights

14 July 2023

Huawei moves to mirror patent pools by publishing royalty rates for key licensing programmes

IP head Alan Fan reveals the Chinese company raked in $560m from its core schemes in 2022 alone as focus on IP monetisation intensifies

13 July 2023

South Korean DABUS ruling stirs AI-related patent law reforms debate

A KIPO consultation on possible changes is due to launch this month following the judgment which echoes a similar ruling from Taiwan

11 July 2023

Huawei’s UPC suit indicative of Chinese confidence in otherwise cautious region

A month after the Unitary Patent and the supra-national court came into force, China’s patent community is positive about the untested system while the rest of Asia watches

07 July 2023

IP rocks – shout it to the world!

There is no excuse for not embracing diversity, equity and inclusion as part of the effort to attract and retain talent, but solving IP’s visibility problem is what will deliver the most meaningful results

06 July 2023

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