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KIPO commissioner on patent policy priorities and becoming a ‘top 3’ IP nation

IAM speaks with Dr Lee Insil – the first office head from a private sector background – about her vision, AI patent examination and encouraging strategic technologies

23 August 2023

We are seeking to use IP for less “hostile” purposes, reveals Sony IP head

IP head and chief strategy officer Toshimoto Mitomo talks to IAM about leveraging his IP and non-IP roles to help Sony flourish in a fast-changing technology landscape

22 August 2023

Patent infringement enforcement against IPO applicants in China intensifies

Recent pair of lawsuits in lithium battery industry evince a pattern of companies using a ‘patent blocking’ strategy

18 August 2023

PepsiCo’s potato variety loses protection following Delhi High Court ruling

With incorrect information newly exposed, PepsiCo warns against a casual approach towards procedural compliance as this can lead to revocation of registration. The plant variety protection case emphasises how crucial it is to pay close attention to all requirements when applying for IP rights.

16 August 2023

The winners and losers of RIS implementation: an IP management perspective

RIS poses a financial threat to equipment vendors whose technology will become obsolete – these firms should thus assess the strength of their intellectual property as an urgent priority to position themselves for the market ramp-up. On the other hand, RIS stands to benefit many, including telecom service providers, consumers, vendors with enabling technology and SEP owners.

16 August 2023

China surpasses the US in carbon capture patent race

But innovators may need to look beyond such technology to win the wider fight against climate change

16 August 2023

Japanese companies move to leverage IP disclosure requirement for investment gains

Increasing transparency has helped raise awareness with the C-suite and investors, Asics says

15 August 2023

IAM insight panel analysis H1 2023

Featured in Community Insight

Europe has stronger patent rights than any other region or country, according to the latest IAM’s latest Panel Report

11 August 2023

New ASEAN patent examination guidelines a “catalyst” for boosting region’s presence on global IP stage

The common guidelines streamline patent filing and prosecution processes across member states, improving transparency and predictability for domestic and foreign innovators alike

11 August 2023

TCL subsidiary signs licence with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory amid global patent spat

The deal was facilitated by Purplevine IP Group and brings an end to lawsuits in Japan, the US and Germany

10 August 2023

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