Region: Asia-Pacific

Creating consistency across civil and invalidity actions involving a single design patent

A case in China involving a leading toy brand operator demonstrates the importance of employing consistent criteria when assessing the similarity of patent designs during infringement and invalidation proceedings.

27 July 2022

How the IVSC is preparing to accelerate intangible assets valuation in Asia

After establishing an office in Asia, the CEO of the International Valuation Standards Council expands on plans to escalate intangible assets valuation in the region

26 July 2022

We are still in the market for high-quality patents, says Xiaomi’s new IP strategy head

In one of his first interviews since taking on the role, Ran Xu outlines his priorities and the opportunities he sees ahead for the company

22 July 2022

Ericsson v Apple and Nokia v Oppo are the shape of things to come

The widespread availability of mobile technology and increasing levels of wealth mean that old assumptions about patent filing and litigation are being rethought

22 July 2022

New patent agencies boom in China, but market irregularities follow

A simplification of the business approval process has created a boom in firm numbers. However, the government is also having to crack down on rogue entities

21 July 2022

Xiaomi renewal vindicates AAC pool's regional pricing strategy, Via head claims

By recognising that market conditions vary across the world, the advanced audio coding patent platform has hit a sweet spot, says Heath Hoglund

20 July 2022

Taiwan reinforces protections of core technologies and trade secrets

In a bid to prevent core technologies from being leaked to foreign competitors, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan has amended the National Security Act. However, the amendment raises questions about whether the development of domestic industries will be negatively affected.

20 July 2022

Indian 5G patent filings hit unprecedented levels

India is rapidly emerging as a leading jurisdiction for filing and securing patents on 5G-related technology. Applications in the space have risen steadily in recent years, with further filings anticipated by the end of 2022.

20 July 2022

Qingdao IP Tribunal clarifies the criteria of exhaustion in cases of product modification

The ruling in a civil suit against Wuxi Smile IoT Ltd establishes that, when considering whether modified genuine products constitute trademark infringement, whether the alleged acts are detrimental to a trademark owner’s legitimate rights is the key issue.

20 July 2022

Huawei among the founding licensors in new Sisvel Wifi 6 patent pool

The Chinese company joins a group that also includes MediaTek, SK Telecom and Philips in a programme that offers an innovative royalty structure designed to encourage early participation

19 July 2022

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