Region: Asia-Pacific

Hyundai and Kia take Avanci licences ahead of September price hike

The two companies, along with Genesis, are the first big Asian auto brands to sign up to the platform’s 2G-4G offering and do so a week before the cost increases from $15 to $20 per vehicle

25 August 2022

Infosys shifts patent filing strategy towards AI and digital experiences

IP head Faiz Rahman discusses a change in trend and the Indian software and IT services company’s focus on securing high quality assets

24 August 2022

Enforcement rules of Taiwan’s Patent Act to be amended

Revisions to the rules will have the effect of simplifying procedures for recordation of pledges, as well as relaxing applications for re-issuance or renewal of patent certificates.

24 August 2022

Limitation of goods or services for trademark registration in China

Brand owners are advised to weigh up their business needs when deciding whether to file a national application with the CNIPA or for international registration through the Madrid Protocol (designating China).

24 August 2022

The rise of EV patents in India

IP filings in EV-related technologies will likely see a rapid increase to keep pace with the expansion of the sector, and will be critical both in reducing carbon emissions and in powering economic growth.

24 August 2022

LG and Apple closed $600 million licensing deal in Q1, say reports

The agreement has not been announced but is said to have involved a one-off payment to the Korean company, which holds a strong portfolio of 4G and 5G SEPs

24 August 2022

How IP allows a Chinese dairy heavyweight to stay ahead of the competition

For outsiders, it may seem strange that patents play such a big role in the sector but they are crucial to success, explains Mengniu's Eugene Ho

23 August 2022

Patent invalidation actions increase in China, but the strategy surrounding them is nuanced

Although proceedings won’t derail litigation disputes they can prove an important bargaining chip when negotiating SEP licensing deals

19 August 2022

From academy to industry: China’s new trend and policies on academic technology transfer

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

Most universities and research institutes in China are government-funded, and university­-generated intellectual property is considered state-owned property, making concern over the improper disposal, or even loss of, state-owned property the most prominent issue of academic technology transfers.

18 August 2022

Winning IP strategies for small and medium-sized biotechs

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

With the advancement in technologies related to various life sciences fields, the world has seen a significant increase in the number of SMEs in different fields in the life sciences sector, such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. SMEs related to biotechnology have contributed to the global market by developing breakthrough products such as therapeutic bio drugs (peptides, antibodies, etc), biomedical devices (biofilms, etc) and diagnostic tools.

18 August 2022

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