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Article on well-known trademarks raises questions about unregistered well-known and defensive marks

Although the draft amendment was introduced to strengthen China’s Trademark Law, it contradicts itself when it comes to well-known trademarks and their reputation and fails to address key problems, such as damages pertaining to unregistered marks.

14 June 2023

The Delhi High Court IP Division’s first year has transformed Indian IP jurisprudence

The number of IP filings at the Indian IP Office is increasing substantially and there has been a sharp surge in IP litigation. Against this backdrop, the creation of the IP Division has already transformed jurisprudence in India and there is no sign of the pace of change slowing down.

14 June 2023

Top India filers 2022

Featured in Prosecution data

IP Pilot data shows the conglomerate’s overall filings took a hit in 2022, leaving two universities in Punjab to take the top two spots instead

09 June 2023

Realtek sues MediaTek, IPValue over “secret litigation bounty” patent licence agreement

California-based monetisation firm IPValue Management and its NPE are caught in the crosshairs of antitrust litigation between the rival Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers

08 June 2023

“Be humble”: Xiaomi looks to take its global patent strategy to the next level

A year after becoming the company’s head of IP strategy, Ran Xu sat down with IAM to discuss deals to date and his goal of being more active on the international stage

07 June 2023

Unpicking China’s patent litigation and enforcement activity data

The volume of lawsuits is on the rise, a Chinese legal expert writes, but anti-NPE sentiment is also in play

07 June 2023

Three major changes to Taiwan’s Trademark Act that applicants need to know

Taiwan’s recently amended Trademark Act now includes: an accelerated review mechanism, regulations on trademark agents and a new indicative fair use defence against infringement – all key updates for rights holders.

07 June 2023

New bad-faith invalidation clause to strengthen Trademark Law against malicious registration

While the inclusion of bad faith as a separate condition for refusal in the examination, opposition and invalidation procedures is a major step toward strengthening China’s Trademark Law, critical areas of the 2023 draft amendment could be improved before it enters into force.

07 June 2023

TCL and IP Bridge ink licensing deal bringing global patent litigation to an end

The deal, facilitated by Xiaomi former IP strategist Paul Lin, grants the Chinese television manufacturer use of patents owned in cellular, wireless communication and HEVC technology

05 June 2023

Embrace IP disruption or get left behind

The launch of the Unified Patent Court today is the latest development in a revolutionary period that is only just getting started and from which there is no escape

01 June 2023

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