Region: Asia-Pacific

IPBC Asia kicks off in Tokyo with glittering reception

Hundreds of IP professionals from across the world are gathering at the Palace Hotel in Japan for IPBC Asia 2023

28 November 2023

BREAKING: Huawei and Sharp strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement grants the companies use of each other’s patents in 4G and 5G standards

27 November 2023

China’s image as an IP powerhouse should be seen as a business opportunity, not a threat

Saturday Opinion: As China’s presence on the global IP stage grows, so do the accusations of IP theft it faces. But there is a danger that this rhetoric will harm both sides of the transaction table

25 November 2023

Asian companies should be ‘more vocal’ in global IP discussions, says Panasonic’s chief IP counsel

Andrew Yen chats to IAM about pool participation, selling patents and the European SEP policy proposal

24 November 2023

The IP world is kidding itself if it thinks it’s winning

A recent WIPO survey found high levels of engagement with and knowledge of patents, trademarks, copyrights and design rights. However, there are reasons to believe this is more of a comfort blanket than a reflection of reality

23 November 2023

Coming to America: funding for small innovators seeking patents to enter the US

We spotlight IP funding programmes in Singapore, Germany, China, and the European Union that incentivise small-to-medium-sized enterprises to globalise their patent portfolios

22 November 2023

Nokia uses UPC and Munich court to turn up the pressure on Hewlett-Packard

HP becomes latest SEP implementer to be targeted at the Unified Patent Court

22 November 2023

Michelin dispute sheds light on when similar trade names constitute unfair competition

French tyre company Michelin has sued three enterprises based on Article 58 of the Trademark Law, which states that using a registered or unregistered trademark in a company’s trade name in a way that misleads the public can be deemed unfair competition.

22 November 2023

Dive into trade secret complaints at the US International Trade Commission

We’re going beneath the surface using Docket Navigator data about ITC trade secret cases in light of Samsung Display’s new allegations against BOE

20 November 2023

Lenovo sues Asus amid surge of US patent litigation triggered by Chinese companies

It is only the third time the laptop maker has been involved in a patent infringement action in the US as a plaintiff

17 November 2023

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