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Huawei leads the pack in patent filings in China

But volume appears to be trending downwards, data compiled by IP Pilot shows

26 May 2023

Diabetes drug ruling attempts to provide clarity amid pharma enforcement struggle

Pharma companies in India are struggling to enforce compounds that are covered by both genus and subsequent species patents. While the latest case involved a series of injunctions being vacated, the patent community is still unsatisfied by the lack of concrete judgments on this issue.

24 May 2023

How Netlist uses IP licensing negotiations to boost manufacturing

In an exclusive interview, CK (Chuck) Hong, CEO of memory module firm Netlist, recounts the birth of its patent licensing programme and how IP helps fuel its products business

10 May 2023

Landmark suit explores right of publicity as it relates to NFT digital playing cards

In a precedent-setting case, a high court has refused an interim injunction in a case where the defendants’ use of digital player cards allegedly resulted in unfair competition and violation of the personality rights of well-known cricket players.

10 May 2023

Qualcomm licensing woes deepened by ongoing handset headwinds

The company’s per-device licensing approach has rendered it especially vulnerable to severe drop offs in smartphone sales

04 May 2023

Amended rules provide clarity for intermediaries on online gaming in India

As India’s new online gaming regime shapes up, it appears that the industry will be largely left to self regulate, although the latest amended rules do set out a list of criteria that intermediaries, such as the Play Store and App Store, will have to meet.

03 May 2023

Chinese court data shows strong patent suit numbers against backdrop of IP case volume decline

A higher proportion of disputes before the top court involved emerging industries, including SEPs, drug patent linkage and new generation information technology

01 May 2023

Chinese IP theft is a problem, but is not to blame for US tech woes

Until policy makers in Washington DC fully recognise the extent of the self-harm that has been done to American interests, serious recovery is a forlorn hope

27 April 2023

IP court annual report breaks down valuable statistics on appeals cases

China’s Supreme Court’s IP branch has released its 2022 annual report, providing statistics on caseload and closure. These numbers highlight the longer wait times for appeals, as well as varying chances of success.

26 April 2023

Proposed Digital India Act to overhaul outdated legislation

As part of its mission to become a trillion-dollar digital economy by 2025, the Indian government has proposed the new Digital India Act, which aims to develop an open, safe and trustworthy digital ecosystem as a means of encouraging local and foreign start-ups to enter the Indian tech space.

26 April 2023

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