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Ericsson and Nokia v Oppo signal that non-discriminatory terms are key concern for Indian courts

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

Recent case law, along with the trend for out-of-court settlements between SEP holders and mobile manufacturers, highlights that the non-discriminatory part of ‘FRAND’ is being treated as a priority right now.

24 March 2023

Via Licensing taps Xiaomi’s former IP strategy head as advisor

Paul Lin, now managing director of Eagle Forest, aims to provide the licensee’s perspective to arm Via as it navigates a shifting patent pool landscape

23 March 2023

Countdown to IPBC Korea 2023

Just one month until IP leaders will gather in  Seoul for an agenda tackling policy developments, market trends, and commercial pressures

20 March 2023

Women leaving legal profession in Malaysia despite lack of 'glass ceiling'

Maxis IP specialist Kimberly Tey discusses her experience and gender representation in the legal field

17 March 2023

Indian Patent Office and Delhi High Court at odds over lack of sufficient reasoning in landscape-shaping decisions

The Delhi High Court has had to raise natural justice principles with the Patent Office in multiple 2022 cases, a crucial reminder that parties must be provided with fair opportunities and rulings backed with reasonable explanations.

15 March 2023

Immersion sets sights on Xiaomi royalties, suing in Europe and India

The NPE seeks to grow income as use of haptics technology picks up

13 March 2023

Allegations of royalty underpayments in two new litigations are the tip of the iceberg

Audit programmes are clearly critical, as evinced by the lawsuits and a report showing 87% of licensees underpay their royalties

08 March 2023

Tackling gender inequality in Japan's IP profession

On International Women’s Day, Naoko Omukai, a partner at Nishimura & Asahi, tells us about her experience as a woman in intellectual property

08 March 2023

Hong Kong's legal profession gender bias laid bare

As International Women’s Day approaches, Amita Haylock, co-chair of the Women’s Network in Asia, discusses the alarming findings of a new report

03 March 2023

Can ChatGPT replace a patent lawyer?

We asked the large-language model to draft a patent claim, design around a claim, and identify prior art – and concluded that it is potentially helpful but unreliable

02 March 2023

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