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Exclusive: LG Electronics sues Vivo in India in 4G, 5G SEP spat

Korean giant’s lawsuit follows 50 unsuccessful hearings before mediators

03 October 2023

Changing China’s patent pool perceptions requires deep conversation

Saturday Opinion: This week’s news that Huawei has joined Sisvel’s Cellular IOT programme is further indication of a market looking outwards, but there’s more work to be done

30 September 2023

China’s surge in semiconductor innovation

Faced with overseas sanctions and scrutiny, domestic companies are looking to boost their patent portfolios

29 September 2023

Huawei joins Sisvel’s Cellular IoT patent pool

The agreement reinforces the relationship the pair have already established and is another demonstration of the power of such programmes to offer transaction efficiency, as well as pricing transparency

28 September 2023

Start-ups can gain design protection faster with new accelerated examination programme

TIPO’s new pilot programme allows certain applicants to swiftly secure protection for their design patents, facilitates rapid responses to counterfeit designs and assists award winners and start-ups to obtain patent rights.

27 September 2023

High-compensation patent litigation highlights courts’ growing willingness to award significant damages

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

How to determine compensation amounts and effectively protect rights holders’ interests is a critical point of concern. It is therefore vital to analyse patent infringement litigation cases that have awarded high compensation and which kinds of claims and evidence have been well received by Chinese courts.

27 September 2023

Managing infringement threats across the supply chain

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

The courts in China generally maintain in foreign-related OEM cases that affixing a trademark to a product should be deemed as use and that there is also a possibility of confusion. While some manufacturers have successfully defended themselves against claims of infringement, the cost is often high.

27 September 2023

The Beijing Measure: whether data should be a registered and protected form of intellectual property in China

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Shenzhen, the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and Beijing have enacted data IP registration-related legal documents, responding to calls for the establishment of a data property rights system. Beijing’s efforts highlight it as a pilot area for national data IP work.

27 September 2023

What BISHONEN’s nine-year journey to registration reveals about China’s Trademark Law

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

While the Trademark Law allows for parties to petition against a mark’s registration, it remains challenging for foreign companies to prove that a registered trademark should be invalidated, as collecting evidence of prior use and influence in China, as well as to show another party's bad faith, is becoming increasingly hard.

27 September 2023

How the latest monetisation methods can be used to grow a brand’s value in China

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Brand monetisation is an inevitable necessity for companies to enhance their core competitiveness and achieve innovative management. It is therefore imperative to explore the main ways to monetise a brand under China’s current legal environment.

27 September 2023

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