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Benchmarking 2020 – Europe holds its lead but honeymoon might be over for USPTO head

Our annual snapshot of the industry keeps the EPO at the top of the big five but suggests that the shine may have come off Andrei Iancu’s reign

08 June 2020

The 1,000 Club: who’s in and who’s out

IAM and ktMINE reunite to rank every company with at least 1,000 US grants

08 June 2020

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build

Scrutiny of biopharma innovators’ coronavirus IP strategies will continue to intensify in coming months as concerns mount about access to treatments

21 May 2020

The hedge fund-backed patent taking aim at Quibi looks solid, but not spectacular

Lawsuit against the billion dollar video streaming start-up is set to keep the headline writers busy and, according to IAM analysis, could have been in the works for a long time

13 May 2020

Johnson & Johnson, Gilead and Roche are the world’s antiviral patent leaders

A covid-19 vaccine could be produced by anyone, but only a few major players had been actively strengthening and building their portfolios before the pandemic struck

17 April 2020

World leaders hatch further plans for accessibility of covid-19 IP rights

WHO to establish voluntary patent pool, while Greek Prime Minister calls for EU to buy rights to vaccines and tests

09 April 2020

From the IAM archive – the decision makers

A selection of some of the exclusive interviews we have run with the indviduals running the world's most important patent offices

08 April 2020

New dates announced for IPBC Global and IPBC Europe

Free Talking Heads webinar series on key issues in IP management, the market and value creation also launched

06 April 2020

People in rich countries have no right to free IP

It’s only because the developed world feels threatened by the coronavirus that initiatives such as the Open COVID pledge have gained such support

04 April 2020

Patent opportunities and dangers in the microbiome revolution

It is a key part of our growth strategy and we actively seek to ensure IP strategies are in place to protect our investment, says senior DuPont counsel

02 April 2020

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