Ye Thu Aung

IP Strategist at IPOS International
Ranked in IP management consultancy
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Ye Thu Aung enlightens companies regarding the commercial potential of their intellectual property, giving them a fresh perspective that generates vibrancy and provides the impetus to value creation. He demonstrates exemplary professionalism and produces work of exceptional quality.

Ye Thu Aung's Profile

Ye Thu Aung is an IP strategist at IPOS International, part of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). In line with the Singapore Intellectual Property Strategy 2030, IPOS International helps companies realise tangible value from their intangible assets for growth.

Mr Aung specialises in advising enterprises, start-ups and investors, drawing on his experience in intangible assets audits, strategy development, patent landscapes and due diligence activities to achieve business outcomes. He has worked with companies spanning diverse technology domains, including clean energy, information and communication technologies, robotics, digitalisation, automation, agritech and fintech.

At the national level, Mr Aung supports Singapore government agencies on IP management and policy matters in line with the National IP Protocol, providing a streamlined approach for IP creation, ownership, protection and commercialisation. Mr Aung has been actively involved in developing the Singapore IP Strategy 2030. He played an integral role in crafting how companies can identify and communicate intangible assets information under the Intangible Disclosure Evaluation and Audit Scheme spearheaded by IPOS and the Singapore Exchange.

Prior to joining IPOS International, Mr Aung was an IP professional at Panasonic (Singapore), where he led a team of IP analysts to deliver high-quality patent search and intelligence services to its business divisions in Japan. He was also involved in formulating research methodologies to chart strategic planning for operations structured around IP know-how and expertise.

Mr Aung is a registered management consultant with the Institute of Management Consultants. He holds a master’s in power engineering from Nanyang Technological University and a specialist certificate in intangible asset management.

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