Vivek Dahiya

Founder at Startupipteam & IP Guardian
Ranked in IP management consultancy, IP-backed lending, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Vivek Dahiya is "not only knowledgable in the IP field, but also very commercially minded". He has a keen eye for innovations: throughout his career, he has assisted numerous innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, institutions and incubation centres in devising their IP strategies.

Vivek Dahiya's Profile

Vivek Dahiya is an innovation and IP strategist. Over 15 years of experience in the IP domain, Mr Dahiya has handled over 2,000 patent applications, and assisted innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, institutions and incubation centres in devising their strategies surrounding innovations, executing these strategies and monetising them in accordance with focused marketing plans. His business-centric solutions enable stakeholders to maximise their returns on investments in the forms of generating direct revenue, raising funding and securing collaborations.

Mr Dahiya works closely with incubators and accelerators in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada, and helps his clients to provide access to global markets and investors. Innovative strategies devised by Mr Dahiya have helped a number of start-ups to enforce their patents and increase their valuation to millions of US dollars.

Startupipteam assists start-ups and companies to prepare their patent strategies for business growth, and IP Guardian helps them to protect their innovations and brands. Mr Dahiya works with and promotes businesses that are based in Australia through his global network of mentors, investors and businesses. His work enables start-ups to develop a strong IP portfolio that will help them to expand their business in other countries through direct sales or partnerships.

In addition, Mr Dahiya works with professors and institutions to prepare IP strategies that will help them to strike licensing deals with corporates. He works as part of an extended team with start-ups and helps them to develop new innovations that are commercially viable and patentable.

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