Thomas Roessler

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Thomas Roessler’s IP career spans investment, data, technology transfer and other roles. Thanks to his diverse experience, he brings a compelling blend of business, finance and patent expertise to the table.

Thomas Roessler's Profile

Thomas Roessler has a background in business and finance. He holds a degree in business administration and is a certified patent consultant. Mr Roessler worked for several years as a market intelligence manager at a service provider of Deutsche Bank, managing investment funds focused on patent investments and technology development. Thereafter, he co-founded a company in the field of data integration and data quality. Before joining Sisvel in 2013, he worked as a consultant for several companies in the field of technology transfer and commercialisation. Founded in 1982, Sisvel supports the growth of the technology industry by developing, promoting and managing patent licensing programmes. Sisvel has 40 years’ experience in the management of successful patent portfolios, including those relating to audio compression standards (MP3 and MPEG audio), as well as broadcasting and digital terrestrial television standards maintained by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. At Sisvel, he is the head of new business and responsible for the creation and formation of patent pools and licensing programmes.

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