Sven Törringer

Director, Licensing and Strategy at Sisvel Group
Ranked in Defensive patent aggregation, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer
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A former Ericsson in-house counsel, Sven Törringer leverages both his technical chops and unrivalled IP experience to manage complex IP issues across the APAC region with tremendous success.

Sven Törringer's Profile

Sven Törringer is the director and senior counsel of legal and business at Sisvel. Mr Törringer is an experienced IP and legal professional with a record of successfully managing complex legal issues in IP, licensing and M&A transactions across the globe.

Based in Hong Kong, Mr Törringer has more than 15 years’ experience and comprehensive knowledge of patent law, policies and strategies in China, the United States and Europe. His expertise includes managing licensing, patent divestitures and acquisitions, and strategic opinion and counselling work. His advice on a wide range of legal, regulatory and policy issues is highly regarded, and he is particularly appreciated for his ability to build bridges with other IP leaders to create significant long-term value for all parties.

At Sisvel, in addition to being the lead negotiator in high-profile licensing deals, Mr Törringer is responsible for the development and implementation of multi-party licensing programmes based on standard-essential technologies on behalf of, and in partnership with, many of the world’s leading technology companies.

Before joining Sisvel, Mr Törringer was a senior legal IP counsel at Ericsson, where he successfully negotiated a large number of key licensing deals for Ericsson’s licensing programme, including with some of the largest companies in the United States and Asia. He also held a key role in many strategic patent acquisition and divestment transactions. Most recently, he was senior patent licensing counsel at Via Licensing, a subsidiary of US audio pioneer Dolby Laboratories. Earlier in his career, Mr Törringer was in private practice advising clients on M&A and intellectual property in private and public transactions.

Mr Törringer received his LLM from Lund University, Sweden, and has studied at the University of Nagoya, Japan.

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