Satoshi Konno

Executive Partner at Innovation Engine
Ranked in Brokering, Finance, M&A, Technology transfer
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IAM Says

Former IT engineer Satoshi Konno is a versatile IP expert with ample venture experience. His sound technical knowledge and innovative approach help him support research institutions and companies by coming up with astute strategies for business expansion.

Satoshi Konno's Profile

Satoshi Konno joined Innovation Engine (IE) in April 2020 to lead IE’s public investments, utilising his background as an IT engineer, a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur and an IP strategist.

Before IE, he initiated and successfully lead the innovation division of IP Bridge, a Japanese government-supported US$300 million IP fund management company. Before IP Bridge, he started and cultivated a cloud software company targeting data centres globally. He has the total of 20 years of experience as a venture capitalist and 10 years of IT engineer carrier experience as well.

He holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Austin.

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