Sam Wiley

Head of Thought Leadership and Customer Advocacy at PatSnap
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Valuation
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Sam Wiley has enjoyed a long and diversified IP leadership career. He really makes an impact in the IP world thanks to the breadth of his experience and education and ability to power innovation and business interconnectedly.

Sam Wiley's Profile

Sam Wiley is a Silicon Valley IP veteran with an unwavering conviction that intellectual assets are vital to advancing the arts and sciences. His passion is applying technology and data to empower innovators and business leaders. He advises clients ranging from Fortune 100 multinational companies to boutique law firms on implementing technologies that streamline IP operations and provide critical decision support on innovation strategy.

Mr Wiley is currently the head of thought leadership and customer advocacy at PatSnap, a global connected innovation intelligence firm that specialises in turning innovation data into actionable intelligence. As an evangelist for IP technology and analytics, he uses his platform at PatSnap to share cutting-edge best practices by shining a light on industry thought leaders, particularly underrepresented voices in IP and innovation.

Mr Wiley’s career in IP began as a patent examiner with the USPTO, after which he was a consulting and testifying expert in IP valuation. Most recently, he has been heavily involved in the IP and innovation technology ecosystem, serving as a principal IP solutions architect for what was the world’s leading provider of IP software and services, and in multiple executive leadership positions. He has presented on IP and innovation topics across North America, Europe and Asia, and is the chair of the Licensing Executives Society Valuation and Pricing Committee. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from New Mexico State University, as well as a Juris Doctor and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Arizona.

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