Nicka Kirstejn

Managing Partner at aera
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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“Instrumental to the development of successful global prosecution strategies, Nicka Kirstejn knows how to build up the strength of a patent and drive forward business value for his clients. He is an excellent counsellor with valuable opinions and an exceptional international network to boot.”

Nicka Kirstejn's Profile

Nicka Kirstejn entered the patent profession in the early 2000s after his biotech start-up ran out of funding. He then joined a large Scandinavian IP firm, which had previously handled the intellectual property of his own start-up.

In his early career Mr Kirstejn specialised in advising universities and early-stage companies on technology transfers. He has helped several companies through IP due diligence in successful private and public financing rounds and advised firms on licensing negotiations.

Mr Kirstejn understands the value of intellectual property as a business tool, and clients appreciate his pragmatic, commercial approach and experience of patent prosecution and strategy working with small, medium and large companies and academic institutions – from spin-outs to multinationals.

Over the years, as team leader and partner, Mr Kirstejn also developed an interest in management. In 2012 he became CEO of one of Europe’s largest IP firms, but his entrepreneurial drive led to the founding of aera in early 2018. With the birth of aera, the desire to create a European IP consultancy firm, built on Nordic values, with an international perspective flourished and the success of the firm speaks for itself

Mr Kirstejn’s clients cherish and value his devotion to solving complicated technical and legal issues before the EPO in both prosecution and opposition proceedings.

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