Nick Dudziak

Senior Director, Licensing and Strategy at Sisvel Group
Ranked in Brokering, IAM/IC, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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An assured leader and deal-maker, Nicholas Dudziak has practised in virtually every dimension of the patent industry. As a result, he is highly innovative in his thinking and is not afraid to push the boat out when developing and implementing new strategies.

Nick Dudziak's Profile

Nick Dudziak is the head of strategy and licensing programmes at Sisvel and the president of Sisvel US.

Mr Dudziak is a highly regarded IP business leader, having developed a reputation for consistently closing significant, strategically important transactions and pioneering new win-win intermediation models that simplify access to patented technologies and reduce friction in clearing licences to achieve each company’s business goals.

At Sisvel, Mr Dudziak has global responsibility for its licensing programmes across a wide range of standard-essential technologies, including WiFi, cellular, Internet of Things, video and others. He also has responsibility for Sisvel’s corporate strategy and oversees its US operations. Since joining Sisvel in 2020, Mr Dudziak has helped the company unlock its potential in the cellular space through many high-profile deals that were widely publicised in 2021, in addition to several equally significant confidential transactions.

Prior to Sisvel, Mr Dudziak was the senior director of licensing and strategy at Via Licensing, where he successfully negotiated key licence deals for both Via’s wireless and audio patent pools, including breakthrough deals with several of the world’s largest companies.

Before Via, Mr Dudziak was a patent attorney in the private practice where he, at various points in time, managed the whole IP lifecycle, including portfolio development and management, litigation, licensing, patent divestiture and acquisitions, valuations, and strategic opinion and counseling work — always with a clear view of the relation between intellectual property and business objectives.

Mr Dudziak holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois, a JD from the John Marshall Law School, and is registered to practice before the USPTO.

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