Nicholas Webb

Managing Director at Sisvel Group
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Licensing
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IAM Says

Nicholas Webb performs flawlessly as a lead negotiator; his ability to manage global licensing matters, bring parties together and close top-dollar deals is scarcely rivalled.

Nicholas Webb's Profile

Nicholas Webb is currently head of licensing for the Sisvel Group and serves as lead negotiator for the company’s many licensing platforms. Previous to heading Sisvel’s licensing activities, Mr Webb was the programme manager responsible for the global licensing activities of the company’s successful WiFi licensing programme and successfully negotiated numerous multimillion-dollar deals. With more than 30 years of experience behind him in intellectual property and modelling strategies to monetise and bolster the value of patent portfolios through licensing and patent assertion strategies, Mr Webb and his team have closed licence agreements with hundreds of international companies active in the field of consumer electronics.

Mr Webb helps to maintain relationships with Sisvel’s participating and future patent holders as well as licensees around the globe with the coordinated support of the international licensing team. He brings to the table extensive experience in managing IP licences, patent assertion and business development, notably in the field of telecommunication technologies.

His direct approach and abilities have helped to develop numerous relationships by regularly engaging with SMEs and large multinationals. He is a firm believer in collaboration and fair, open negotiations, and is always willing to meet the challenges of the constantly changing world of licensing IP and portfolio management.

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