Matthew Vella

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“Matthew Vella is one of the world’s top commercial IP litigators. He has an exceptionally brilliant mind and has led some of the most successful teams in the industry. He provides legal and strategic advice with a precision and brevity that is rarely matched.”

Matthew Vella's Profile

Matthew Vella is an intellectual property attorney at Prince Lobel Tye LLP who specialises in patent licensing, litigation, financing and defence. He is on the firm’s management committee. Mr Vella and his teammates have architected, managed and executed patent licence programmes that have generated nearly US$2 billion of licensing fees across a wide range of technology fields. These licensed programmes cover a range of iconic portfolios, including Intellectual Ventures’ software-defined infrastructure and communications portfolios, the software patents associated with the iconic Palm Pilot device, VoiceAge’s (University of Sherbrooke) 3GPP voice codec portfolio, Renesas Electronics’ memory portfolio, Software Tree’s Object Relational Mapping (ORM) patents, Nortel Networks’ voice over IP and data communications patents, Bay Networks’ data networking portfolio and Singular Computing’s computer architecture patents. Licensees under these programmes include virtually every major technology company in the world.

Mr Vella was formerly president and CEO of patent licensing company Acacia Research, senior intellectual property counsel at ATI Research Inc (since acquired by Advanced Micro Devices) and lead patent licence counsel at Nortel Networks. Mr Vella has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, spoken at numerous events and authored several published articles. He graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and Carleton University’s Faculty of Engineering.

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