Masayuki Shobayashi

President at Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office
Ranked in Brokering, IP management consultancy, Licensing, Technology transfer, Valuation
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With a strong technical background and a brilliant analytical skills, “innovative” Masayuki Shobayashi can help companies unlock the true value of their IP assets. “Masayuki has a far-reaching understanding of IP and anticipates many future developments.”

Masayuki Shobayashi's Profile

Masayuki Shobayashi is the founder and president of Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office (SIPTO).

Mr Shobayashi has served as a university professor and has recently finished his tenure as the deputy chair of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association. He is also an author and academic authority on Japanese intellectual property, with numerous publications on IP issues. Mr Shobayashi regularly gives lectures on IP law, technology and the methodologies for business management based on IP.

SIPTO currently employs the highest number of former JPO staff in Japan (ie, chief administrative judges, directors and senior patent examiners). This ensures that SIPTO can provide the highest level of expertise in IP law, unrivalled by any other IP firms in Japan.

SIPTO’s expertise also extends to IP consultations, IP searches and analysis, IP valuations and the sale and purchase of IP rights. Mr Shobayashi handles one of Japan’s largest caseloads for IP due diligence on investments and IP valuations for finance (specifically for IP mortgage finance).

Mr Shobayashi currently focuses on expanding IP portfolios, asset management, IP valuation appraisals and management/consulting practices. In addition to his clientele of national and international companies, he currently promotes and specialises in IP rights for business models, providing routes of monetisation and protection for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

With a diverse focus, and while maintaining the highest level of expertise, Mr Shobayashi continually aims to spread this reputation to the global market, from sole entrepreneurs to international companies.

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