Mark Chandler

Managing Director at Upstream Partners Inc
Ranked in Finance, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, Technology transfer, Valuation
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An experienced leader in the transactional IP space, Mark Chandler has supported a rainbow range of clients giving him an extremely well-rounded understanding of patent and technology commercialisation. His expertise is global, making him an excellent fit for wide-reach licensing efforts.

Mark Chandler's Profile

Upstream Partners has been investing in and driving business for IP assets – ours and those of our clients – with headline-grabbing success for many years. As the advisory arm of an IP merchant banking enterprise, we help our clients to understand and achieve the value of their IP assets, in all aspects of patents, new technology and business and product creation.

Mark Chandler, a managing director of Upstream Partners, provides a variety of advisory and transaction services in the areas of intellectual property and finance. Active for over 25 years in technology and IP commercialisation, Mr Chandler has helped early-stage ventures, universities, research institutes, companies of all sizes and independent inventors to monetise, value and develop their technology.

Mr Chandler’s expertise in commercialising intellectual property comes from extensive portfolio experience in every aspect of monetisation, including product and business creation, IP licensing and sales, IP litigation and technology financing:

  • Mr Chandler has testified on licensing and financial damages in US district courts, in state court and in bankruptcy matters in a number of jurisdictions.
  • He has directly managed more than 150 technology licensing programmes in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Mr Chandler was instrumental in helping a major medical university to form a new, privately funded research institute to develop innovative neurosurgical products. He developed the business plan, secured over $10 million in funding and helped to implement operations.
  • For a corporate venture capital operation, Mr Chandler formed and invested in more than 15 venture-backed companies in Europe and North America, all based on emerging technology and IP assets in areas such as medical technology, bioinformatics, electronics and photonics.

Mr Chandler completed his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering (BSEE, Bucknell University), and continued his technical education in physics while working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. He practised as a researcher building the world’s most accurate atomic clocks and implantable medical devices, and obtained his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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