Manuel Söldenwagner

Partner at Eisenführ Speiser
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, Technology transfer, Valuation
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A repository of trust for a kaleidoscopic range of clients, extremely dedicated professional Manuel Söldenwagner has a profound knowledge in the life sciences field and distinguishes himself by thinking outside the box to create extra strategic value. He adheres to the highest possible standards in all his work.

Manuel Söldenwagner's Profile

On the back of effusive recommendations, Manuel Söldenwagner is particularly well-known for his portfolio management skills and regularly helps start-ups in getting off the ground. He is also able to see things from an international perspective. Mr Söldenwagner studied molecular biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Queensland, specialising in biochemical engineering, drug design and development, microbiology and IP management. His former practical experience includes research work in Cambridge, Hamburg and Munich.

Mr Söldenwagner regularly lectures on patent law in Germany and abroad (including in Japan). He holds workshops and seminars and is a co-author of the European Patent Convention textbook The European Patent Application. He is also a co-author of the third edition of the renowned Beck’scher Kommentar on European patent law.

As Eisenführ Speiser’s leading patent attorney in the field of life sciences, Mr Söldenwagner supports and advises international corporations, universities and academic research establishments, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises – he has a special focus on ‘hidden champions’. His clientele particularly includes venture capital funds and start-ups. He supports clients not only in establishing and managing national and international IP portfolios, or in planning and conducting complex freedom-to-operate analyses, but he also advises and represents them in licensing negotiations, opposition and nullity proceedings and infringement proceedings in Germany, Europe and beyond (eg, in China), as well as in everyday patent prosecution activities.

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