Joakim Hammarsjö

Head of Patent at AWA
Ranked in Defensive patent aggregation, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Joakim Hammarsjö has vast patent experience, which he has accumulated as a strategic IP lead for top corporations and as a private practice attorney. He has exceptional business intelligence which makes him a top ally to the C-suite.

Joakim Hammarsjö's Profile

Joakim Hammarsjö is a European patent attorney and seasoned IP strategist. He has extensive experience in developing strategies and portfolios for multinational companies and establishing use of intellectual property through licensing, cross-licensing, mergers and acquisitions and IP litigation.

Before joining AWA, Mr Hammarsjö was the group director of IP strategy and portfolio at the Volvo Group, managing a team of global heads, IP intelligence analysts and IP portfolio partners. He has also held positions with the Sandvik Group as global head of intellectual property and managing director of the internal IP company.

This experience provides Mr Hammarsjö with an intense business drive and the unique ability to put IP value on the agenda of top executives in order to align and integrate intellectual property as a part of the business.

At AWA, he manages the team for physics, mechanics, electronics and IT. In this role, he is responsible for clients primarily engaged in these sectors and has developed a specialised team that can meet the specific requirements of these clients.

Mr Hammarsjö holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Linköping University. He has also completed the executive leadership programme at the IMD Business School in Switzerland and the business of IP programme at the Chalmers University of Technology Centre for Intellectual Property in Sweden.

For more than 20 years, Mr Hammarsjö has been working in the business of intellectual property. This ranges from technical development industries and start-ups to senior management roles at large corporations.

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