Jerry Padian

Co-founder at Atlantic IP Services Ltd
Ranked in Finance, IP management consultancy, Licensing, M&A
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Gerald Padian is an accomplished innovation, business, investment, legal and licensing professional who has achieved great things as a relationship builder and strategist in his nearly 25 years in IP. Understanding and advancing the commercial interests of patent owners is something he does extremely well.

Jerry Padian's Profile

Jerry Padian is a senior executive with more than 20 years experience developing, acquiring, financing, and licensing leading technologies. Mr Padian began his career in the IP industry in 1998 when he co-founded Realtime Data LLC, an inventor-owned research and development company focused on data acceleration, compression and synchronisation; database management; and digital audio and streaming media. He continues to serve on the board of managers of Realtime.

Building on the success of Realtime, Mr Padian co-founded Atlantic IP Services, which manages over a dozen companies with patented technologies in fields such as OLED displays and printing; touch controllers and sensors; NAND flash; cloud storage; power semiconductors; wireless charging; near-field communication; Internet of Things; and 5G. His business acumen has benefited everyone from inventor to licensee and has facilitated the licensing of these portfolios to some of the world’s leaders in consumer electronics, computing, cloud storage, automotive, telecom, WAN acceleration, data streaming and financial services. The relationships and partnerships that Mr Padian has built, as well as the strategies that he has developed, have also enabled a return stream of revenue to the innovators in support of the next generation of inventions.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Mr Padian is also an angel investor, focused on digital technology companies in the United States and Ireland, and is a vocal advocate for strengthening the rights of patent owners and innovators around the world.

Mr Padian began his professional career as a lawyer at New York-based Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLC, before moving on to co-found his own law practice, Tashjian & Padian. He earned a BS in economics from Fordham University and a JD from Fordham Law School.

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