Ilya Kazi

Founder at IK-IP Ltd
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, Finance, IAM/IC, IP auctions, IP management consultancy, IP-backed lending, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Tax, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Ilya Kazi brings deep strategic insight to the table, distilled from abundant, multi-industry litigation and prosecution experience. At IK-IP, he offers a personal, tailored and efficient service and navigates clients through their most pressing and challenging patent issues.

Ilya Kazi's Profile

Ilya Kazi has nearly 30 years’ experience in the IP field, having handled more than 4,000 patent applications. He is a qualified litigator and an EPO oppositions and appeal specialist. Mr Kazi has assisted in acquisitions and helped several clients achieve nine-figure exits. He was a senior partner in a traditional firm before founding a new company that is shaped around client priorities, providing quality strategic advice throughout the IP journey.

Mr Kazi is not an armchair strategist, he relishes getting his hands dirty with the detail of client innovations and business issues. He is highly technically qualified with a master’s in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and has a hands-on interest in science and engineering. He studied a mini MBA at the London School of Economics and took a professional pilot qualification that provides a helpful perspective on risk analysis and management. He works with clients to find pragmatic technical and business solutions – not just legal ones – to IP issues. Mr Kazi’s unique passion and personal zeal make a real difference and ensure that IP encounters are a positive experience – something that is frequently commented on.

Over decades of patent portfolio management and post-grant matters, Mr Kazi has seen numerous pitfalls in the traditional approach to routine patent filing and prosecution. He has concluded that there is a better way to channel insight systematically into matters before they become big issues. Mr Kazi has hand-picked experienced IP experts and put them in a modern business setting where they can efficiently apply meaningful insight precisely where it matters, adding real value while remaining within predictable budgets that make business sense. The goal is litigation or acquisition-ready advice throughout the IP journey at a similar price to a ‘mass produced’ portfolio. IP management is intelligently tailored to the differing needs of individual clients, whether large corporations, overseas attorneys or growing companies.

Mr Kazi is as happy advising a start-up on its initial filings as he is helping to unlock funding for the CEO of a multinational in the next gambit in an IP war.

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