Hiro Takahori

Director of Licensing at Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, IP management consultancy, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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A licensing virtuoso with ample international in-house experience, Hiro Takahori combines exceptional business sense with technical knowledge of a former engineer. He has an excellent grasp on the subtle complexities of successful patent commercialisation.

Hiro Takahori's Profile

Hiro Takahori is an experienced professional who leads the licensing department of Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office (SIPTO), one of the fastest-growing IP firms in Japan. He supports clients in IP management and transactions, including licensing, sales and acquisitions.

Before joining SIPTO, he served as the managing director of Conversant IP Japan, a Japanese subsidiary of Conversant IP Management in Canada, where he was responsible for all business activities, including IP prosecution, licensing, business development, finance and administration. Before that, he served as an executive in charge of intellectual property and corporate planning at King Jim Corp, a Japanese office supply company, and established its IP department. Before working at King Jim, he was vice president at Discovision Associates in the United States, a highly recognised patent licensing entity, working in IP portfolio management, transactions and prosecution for more than 10 years. Mr Takahori’s experience comes from his time as an engineer in technology development, and as an audio-visual product planner in the United States and Japan at Pioneer Corporation for 20 years.

Mr Takahori understands the importance of integrating fundamental technology and intellectual property with management. He now actively works to use intellectual property effectively to discuss the importance of intellectual property and educate others about intellectual property. Mr Takahori has also been a guest speaker at various organisations, including the IPBC, the LES, the IP Association of Japan, the Patent Information Annual Conference in China and the Chinese IP Leader Forum.

Mr Takahori has an MSEE in communication engineering from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo and an engineer’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.

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