Guy L Proulx

CEO & Founder at Transpacific IP Group Ltd
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, Finance, IAM/IC, IP auctions, IP insurance, IP management consultancy, IP-backed lending, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Tax, Technology transfer, Valuation
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“Guy Proulx is the top IP professional in Asia.” With over three decades of experience, he is a valued advisor and strategist not just in Singapore but all over the world. He thrives in working with inventors, research institutes and universities to monetise their IP assets.

Guy L Proulx's Profile

Guy L Proulx is the CEO of Transpacific IP, the first full-service IP company based in Asia. Since its founding in 2004, the company has grown to become a leading IP monetisation firm in Asia with a reputation that extends worldwide. Furthermore, he often is at the forefront of technology transfer and knowledge sharing for new patented technologies from leading universities. 

In addition to his leadership role of a global IP company, he is an influential member of the IP industry – a guest speaker at industry conferences globally, an advisor to governments and academic institutions, and one of the “World’s Leading Strategist” as named by IAM Magazine from 2012 to 2023. He was also most recently honored as one of the most “Influential and Inspiring IP Leaders of All Time” during the World IP Forum 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

He has more than 30 years of business experience in multiple technologies and industries. Prior to founding Transpacific IP, he advised start-up companies on critical IP and business management issues, including IP strategy, portfolio development, acquisitions, and licensing, as well as company formation, business capitalisation, strategic planning and executive management. He also has extensive experience working with private equity investors and acquisition groups on company and management assessments and technology and due diligence reviews.

Guy serves on the board of directors at several companies and was a director on the board for the IP Office of Singapore (2010 to 2014). He is a supervisor of the Master Postgraduate Program at the Peking University IP School, chairman of the International IP Institute at Sichuan University, director of the China National Institute for Digital Copyright Research Centre and vice chairman of Workshops and Plenaries at the Licensing Executives Society International.

He earned a bachelor of science in nuclear engineering at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute and served as a nuclear trained and qualified officer in the United States Navy.



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