Erik Ahroon

Vice President of Licensing & Business Development at Acacia Research Corp
Ranked in Finance, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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“In addition to having vital industry knowledge, Erik Ahroon has the uncanny ability to analyse a patent portfolio thoroughly, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and propose a structure that will fit the particular goals of the client. He is highly resourceful and a pleasure to work with.”

Erik Ahroon's Profile

Erik Ahroon is currently vice president of business development and licensing at Acacia Research Group. He is responsible for acquisitions, partnerships, global licensing activities and corporate development. Mr Ahroon rejoined Acacia Research in 2019 to help reignite the IP Business from scratch after the company changed leadership. 

Prior to Acacia Research, Mr Ahroon spent nearly five years at WiLAN, where he was vice president of business development and patent agent, where he played a key role in WiLAN’s efforts to diversify its business by acquiring medical, energy, industrial, wireless, consumer goods and electronics and online security technologies. Prior to WiLAN, Mr Ahroon served as vice president at Acacia Research out of the Plano, Texas, headquarters and contributed to major global licensing deals, spearheaded Acacia’s energy programme and was responsible for acquisitions of portfolios across various sectors.

Early in his career, Mr Ahroon worked as an engineer, focusing on the design, manufacture and testing of cryogenic pump technologies for the liquefied natural gas industry at Atlas Copco/JC Carter Pumps. He also supported the commercialisation of hydrogen fuel storage systems at Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies and worked on advancements in the fitness industry at Star Trac Fitness.

Mr Ahroon continues to take an active role in helping inventors, start-ups and M&A by mentoring, advising on IP rights and navigating routes for proper patent protection and patent monetisation. He has helped numerous start-up companies and inventors and currently resides on SQN Venture Partners’ board of advisers, advising on all IP-related matters within their portfolio companies.

Mr Ahroon holds an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is an inventor on several US patents and is registered to practise before the USPTO.

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