David Yurkerwich

Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group LLC
Ranked in Brokering, Finance, IP auctions, IP management consultancy, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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30-year IP veteran David Yurkerwich has never stopped evolving as a global strategist and understands how the latest economic and legal developments in the US, Europe and China impact value creation. He also stands out for his cutting-edge data and analytics work in the standard essential patent area.

David Yurkerwich's Profile

David Yurkerwich is a senior managing director and a leader of Ankura’s IP team. He is based in New York and works closely with companies and law firms throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Asia. Mr Yurkerwich is a seasoned valuation and damages expert with more than 35 years’ experience. He has provided evidence in more than 100 disputes and has facilitated global IP transactions. Mr Yurkerwich and his team continuously enhance their valuation models by combining timely competitive information with advanced analytical tools to consider the technical, legal and market risks in IP negotiations and litigation.

Mr Yurkerwich works closely with inventors, owners and attorneys to assess patentability and markets for technologies to build and maintain competitive IP portfolios. He negotiates IP-based transactions and manages joint development, licensing and enforcement activities. His expertise includes competitive benchmarking for portfolio development; identification and valuation of tangible and intangible assets; and portfolio analysis for evidence of market use and potential value.

Mr Yurkerwich has provided expert valuation analysis and testimony in patent infringement cases, standard-essential patent FRAND disputes, international arbitrations and other business disputes involving companies throughout the world. This has included providing evidence in matters involving a broad range of technologies and markets. His work often includes the analysis of invention scope, markets and alternatives, the design of apportionment models, the preparation of expert reports and the delivery of expert testimony.

He received a BS in business administration from the Villanova School of Business and became a certified public accountant at Arthur Andersen & Co. Mr Yurkerwich was a founder of IP-focused consultancy teams at Peterson Worldwide, InteCap, Charles River Associates and Navigant Consulting (which became part of Ankura in 2018). Ankura is a global consultancy group with professional teams in Asia, Australia, Europe, India, the Middle East and the United States that collaborate to create innovative customised solutions for clients facing a wide range of economic, governance and regulatory challenges and opportunities.

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