David Hughes

Principal at Griffith Hack
Ranked in IAM/IC, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing
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Veteran patent attorney David Hughes is an accomplished intellectual asset protector and manager who exercises keen strategic vision in building portfolios. He adds huge value with his expertise in patent analytics and is extremely mindful regarding service, often devising new ways to better cater to clients’ business and budget needs.

David Hughes's Profile

David Hughes is a principal of Griffith Hack, a leading specialist IP firm, and has more than 30 years’ experience in intellectual property as a patent attorney. He is currently practice group leader of the engineering and information and communications technology team and has previously held other management positions within Griffith Hack, including chair. Throughout his career Mr Hughes has championed the firm’s strategic focus on innovating service models within the IP sector.

With combined skills in intellectual property and management, Mr Hughes advises clients on complex IP legal matters, developing and building patent portfolios and broader intangible asset strategy. He works closely with a range of clients – including leading companies across diverse fields such as medtech, energy, construction and mining, as well as government and university institutions – to maximise the impact of their ideas. He has led university-sponsored projects on the use of AI in patent analysis, consulted with IP offices on patent analytics and was responsible for developing client delivery service models integrating broader economic and social disciplines into IP legal services.

Mr Hughes actively seeks out opportunities to bridge research and industry. He works closely with academics in the area of sustainable transformation, IP lawyers, IP analytics specialists and valuation specialists to ensure that his clients have clarity regarding their intangible assets and understand the value drivers in their organisations. From this position, they can make informed decisions, manage risks and identify and realise new opportunities.

An area of interest for Mr Hughes is soft asset security and the adaption of IP rights to enable increased collaboration, particularly in traditional industries and markets that are undergoing significant change.

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