Dave Djavaherian

President at PacTech Law, PC
Ranked in Legal, Licensing
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An influential figure in the global IP licensing space, Dave Djavaherian is hailed for his scholastic attainments, patent policy development contributions, tireless work ethic, deep expertise regarding standards and business-oriented approach.

Dave Djavaherian's Profile

Dave Djavaherian is an IP professional focused on patent licensing, transactions and standards matters, and with extensive experience as in-house and outside counsel to the world’s leading technology companies. His practice is international, serving clients in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He regularly handles FRAND licensing negotiations and has extensive, hands-on experience with SEP licensing engagements. He is a long-time participant in the IP committees at standards organisations such as ETSI, ITU-T and IEEE.

Mr Djavaherian founded PacTech Law in 2014 to represent technology clients in international licensing negotiations, disputes and policy matters. He also serves as an expert consultant and witness in FRAND licensing disputes. His clients include some of the world’s leading innovators and technology developers, as well as market-leading product businesses. He represents several Fortune 100 companies, as well as smaller and mid-sized businesses. He has particular experience in the semiconductor, communications (wired and wireless) and automotive industries.

Prior to founding PacTech, Mr Djavaherian spent nearly a decade leading in-house legal teams addressing intellectual property matters. Most recently, he served as Broadcom’s associate general counsel, managing a broad range of US and international issues. Mr Djavaherian received Broadcom’s President’s Award in 2014.

Mr Djavaherian previously was vice president at Tessera, Inc, focusing on the company’s core patent licensing business. At Tessera, Mr Djavaherian was head of litigation and oversaw licensing strategy and negotiations to grow the company’s key source of revenue. During Mr Djavaherian’s tenure, annual licensing revenue nearly tripled, from $100 million to $280 million. He was the only Tessera employee in more than two years to receive Tessera’s Superior Results Award.

Mr Djavaherian taught IP licensing and strategy at the University of California, Irvine School of Business and served as president of the Federal Bar Association’s Orange County chapter. He is an expert in patent policy matters and has served as a United States delegate to the United Nation’s Telecommunications Standards Advisory Group. Mr Djavaherian began his career at Irell & Manella LLP.

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