Christian Gordon-Pullar

Intellectual Property and IP Asset Consultant at CCGP IP CONSULTING
Ranked in Banking/financial services, Biotech, Electronics, Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals/life sciences, Software
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Christian Gordon-Pullar's Profile

Mr Gordon-Pullar provides IP consulting services for M&A and private equity groups looking at the intrinsic risk and value of their target investee companies’ IP portfolios, focusing on patents and brand portfolios. He also advises on medical devices, healthcare and high-tech industry clients. Working with patent attorneys and IP lawyers, he serves clients’ needs by offering a broad strategic view of portfolios at the investment point and builds portfolio value using his expertise, patent analytics and a range of machine learning tools. Mr Gordon-Pullar also helps clients and investors to carry out strategic IP restructurings and IP reviews and complex IP risk assessments and to utilise intellectual property as a key business asset, understanding potential IP risk resulting from new business strategies. 

Until August 2020, Christian Gordon-Pullar led the Europe, Middle East and Africa business within Aon’s IP Solutions team – a business focused on enhancing enterprise value and securing core assets across clients’ IP portfolios, providing advanced business and data analytics to help clients better understand the IP landscape and relevant risks and opportunities. 

Mr Gordon-Pullar is an IP specialist and an experienced intellectual asset manager with more than 25 years’ experience, advising a wide range of clients globally on IP strategy and IP litigation, with a track record in the fields of financial services, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, fintech and e-commerce, working with venture capital and private equity firms across portfolios.

Mr Gordon-Pullar has led IP licensing efforts in multinationals across Europe and Asia. Based in Singapore from 2001 to 2019, he also has significant Asia experience. Prior to joining Aon, he was head of tech, intellectual property and cyber, AsiaPac at JPMorgan. Before that, he was global head of intellectual property at Standard Chartered Bank and CEO of Standard Chartered’s global IP licensing entity. 

Mr Gordon-Pullar holds a BSc (hons) degree in pharmacology, is qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and holds an MBA (2014) from Temple’s Fox School of Business (Philadelphia). 

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