Chris Lee

Partner at Lee Sheikh & Haan LLC
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Chris Lee is a “hidden gem of a litigator” and “superb tactician who demonstrates exceptional commitment, prepares cases thoroughly, picks his battles carefully and is highly skilled at triaging all opposing arguments”. He applies sophisticated international knowledge in helping clients get the most value from their IP.

Chris Lee's Profile

Chris Lee is a founding partner of Lee Sheikh & Haan, a Chicago-based IP litigation law firm. He represents clients as trial and appellate counsel in the enforcement of their IP rights and in the defence of their businesses against allegations of infringement.

Mr Lee also advises clients on issues arising from the use of intellectual property in business, including representing public and private operating companies, private equity firms, inventor-owned entities and investors in strategic sales and acquisitions of patent portfolios, licensing campaigns, cross-licensing and litigation financing. Mr Lee has also represented litigation funders as outside underwriting counsel.

At the law firm he co-founded in 2015, he represents clients on a variety of traditional and innovative fee arrangements and litigation financing. Previously, he was an equity partner for 16 years at Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro, where he was involved in some of the biggest and most consequential IP cases and transactions of our time.

Mr Lee began his career as a junior member of the trial teams at his previous firm for cases involving well-known multinational manufacturing clients, and eventually became lead trial counsel in high-stakes IP cases. A number of these cases resulted in an eight or nine-figure verdict for his clients. To each matter, he brings his litigation, trial and deal-making experience with a keen understanding of his clients’ strategic business needs.

Mr Lee is passionate about innovators and the businesses built on their innovation. He believes that quantum leaps in technology are often made by start-ups and emerging companies, whose engineers and scientists cannot afford to stake their careers on incremental improvements to existing technologies. They think big, take bigger risks and rely on the protection of intellectual property even more for their survival and success. He considers helping these innovators to be his career mission.

Mr Lee is also a registered patent attorney and has lectured and written articles on IP litigation, trial advocacy, legal ethics, IP investments and financing of high-stakes technology litigation.

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