Bruce Bernstein

Founding Counsel at Greenblum & Bernstein plc
Ranked in Defensive patent aggregation, Legal, Licensing, M&A
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Bruce Bernstein brings high-level strategic expertise to the table thanks to his many years of experience, international and cross-cultural knowledge and wide-ranging prosecution, litigation and licensing skillset.

Bruce Bernstein's Profile

Bruce Bernstein and his team at Greenblum & Bernstein (G&B) have been advising clients on practical issues relating to IP for decades. Mr Bernstein has applied his unique combination of experiences to successfully advise clients on many aspects of IP law with a unique business perspective.

Mr Bernstein majored in applied physics in university, where he worked closely with a Nobel Prize winner (Dr Allan Cormack) who was his college adviser and head of the physics department, and who later became a friend. He then worked as an examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office, where he spent five years examining in both electrical and mechanical technologies, and was selected to work on special details for the Board of Appeals and the Commissioner’s Office. He then helped start the firm G&B, which has now grown to more than 100 people and almost 40 attorneys. Early in his career, he prepared and prosecuted patent applications and spent several years as a litigator in matters before the International Trade Commission and the federal courts. Thereafter, he counselled clients regarding infringement and validity matters, gained extensive experience advising clients charged with patent infringement and conducted many negotiations with NPEs. Because of his lengthy patent experience, he has been able, on numerous occasions, to identify defects in asserted third-party IP portfolios that substantially reduce their value and has helped his own clients minimise such issues when they create their own portfolios to try to maximise value.

Bruce travelled extensively throughout Asia as a regular part of his business efforts, and learned to speak Japanese conversationally.

In addition to helping to start and manage his firm for decades, Mr Bernstein has a strong entrepreneurial background, having started and run a number of businesses early in his career. More recently, he has been an investor and business adviser to several start-up companies in different fields. As a result, he has gained an unusual amount of knowledge in diverse business topics, from accounting to finance to HR to growth strategies. That has helped him to bring a unique business perspective to his legal advice.

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